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Email to book a free 15 minute consultation or book directly here

Creating a safe space where you feel heard and seen is my priority and I consider my work a privilege as we create a secure therapeutic relationship to support your healing process and inner exploration. I have a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from University of British Columbia and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. My work draws on my lived experience and over a decade of time devoted to supporting others in crisis or times of pain and suffering to walk towards the light and create a new path on their journey.


My approach draws from a variety of approaches based on the client’s needs and interests. I support clients exploring their identity, life transitions, grief & loss as well as anxiety, depression and trauma. I am currently accepting new clients for in person or online counselling for individual as well as couples sessions. I provide free initial consultation to potential clients over the phone and I am always happy to answer questions over email. I realize that choosing your Counsellor is a big step and your sense of safety & comfort in the relationship is a priority for me.

You be might experiencing a sense of anxiety in your body or a mind that won't quiet down. You might be achieving a lot but feeling exhausted or triggered easily and don’t quite understand how to move forward in a way that feels better for you. Our time together can provide space to explore the needs and wants that you keep deep inside or the opportunity to access and heal the old wounds that our busy every day lives can keep us from seeing or truly digging into.

In other cases, our inner work seems lifelong, as we are holding years of tangled relationships, complex family dynamics and fighting to create space for ourselves. You are no longer alone with it all. I feel honored to walk by your side to enhance the sense of safety as we slowly dive into the tangles together and intentionally access your inner sense of power.

No matter what has brought you to this place of exploration, we will work at your pace and rely on the wisdom of the body to access healing by regulating the nervous system and finding safe ways to express suppressed emotions to allow you to let go and finally move forward. Together, we will work with a compassionate lens, while expanding emotional expression and regulation, while exploring long held patterns and beliefs.


I will support you in facing fears and learning how to dance along the edge of you own comfort zone in a way that is also supportive of your nervous system and emotional capacity so that you can build a stronger sense of self-worth and a life that feels good, that you are proud of!

This deep inner exploration can lead you to a place of greater fulfillment, a new sense of ease in your life, and create a ripple of positive impacts on both your relationship with self as well relationships with others.

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Email to book a free 15 minute consultation or book directly here

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