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I am deeply passionate about supporting others through often scary transitions because I have experienced a few impactful transitions myself. Getting a one year scholarship at SFU to enhance my studies at Charles University in Prague was a life changing experience that inspired me to immigrate to British Columbia at a young age. While continuing my studies and completing a BA at SFU, I started working at a local publishing company in Logistics. A few years into creating my new life in Vancouver, I was diagnosed with a RP (Retinal Pigmentosis). This was quite a shock that brought a lot of fear with it as well as a profound moment of changing my life trajectory and taking risks to pursue what I really love - working with people and supporting them in reaching their potential.

A part of this transition was volunteering at the BC Crisis Centre what only affirmed my goal to become a Counsellor. Combining graduate studies at SFU and UBC, I graduated with my Counselling Psychology master’s degree from UBC in 2021 after completing my community practicum at the Adler Centre. I ran several groups during my degree including a Covid support group, sessions on compassion fatigue for first responders and a virtual group for seniors; affirming my passion for group facilitation and connection.

I have completed additional training on group leadership and therapeutic enactment with Professor Westwood, Nature-based therapy training as well as AEDP Immersion on healing attachment wounds with Diana Foscha. To further support survivors of trauma in an experiential and body-focused way, I have also completed training in EMDR and I am grateful I can offer clients relief through the EMDR treatment process. My current somatic training is facilitated by Lisa Mortimore through her 2 year somatic attachment program as I find releasing stuck emotions from our body incredibly helpful on the healing journey. In my free time, I love being in nature and plunging into bodies of water, being surrounded by trees, practicing jiu jitsu or enjoying a warm cup of coffee.

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